Dani Alves: Neymar has matured and his behaviour will change

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Dani Alves: Neymar has matured and his behaviour will change

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Dani Alves has revealed sbobet มือ ถือ that he spoke with Neymar after the World Cup and gave him some advice. The Brazilian winger received major criticism for his antics during the tournament, which ultimately ended in his team being eliminated prematurely by Belgium. Alves believed that he needed to speak with Neymar about his behaviour going forward and also how some changes could benefit him in the long run. "The blows suffered have helped him to mature and his behaviour will change," Alves said at the presentation of PSG's new Air Jordan clothing range. "You stop being a boy to become a man. "When you are a man your decisions and your attitude are more prudent." The ex-Barcelona defender, who did not go to Russia due to injury, also touched on how the mass criticism of Neymar may have had some merit. "I always say that when one person speaks badly about you, it can be persecution, or when two speak badly as well," he continued. "But if a lot of people are saying the same thing and that there is something wrong, sbobet มือ ถือ then it is time to reinvent ourselves and improve. "Because all of us human beings have failures and I believe that intelligent people realise that they need to evolve." Despite this, Alves did not think all of the criticism directed at Neymar was warranted, but believes it will make him stronger in the long run. "People in some cases were unfair, but some things in life serve to make you mature and to make you aware that you need to improve as a professional," he said. "When things are not perfect is when you have to step up." sbobet มือ ถือ

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